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Spine & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Center of New Jersey | Physical Therapy Raritan NJ

Spine & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Center of NJ has been helping people in the central NJ area for the past 23 years overcome musculo-skeletal pain and loss of function. We are proud of our roots which began under the creation and direction of Wayne Rath and Jean Duffy-Rath, PTs, pioneers and innovators in the field of mechanical PT treatment and prevention. Wayne and Jean were at the forefront in the US in providing active solutions vs. passive care to resolve and improve musculo-skeletal conditions.

Individualized treatment and care is the cornerstone of how we practice physical therapy one patient at a time. Our education is ongoing building on the foundation of manual therapy systems including Cyriax, Mennell, Kaltenborn, Maitland, McKenzie, Mulligan and Duffy-Rath. Patient education by designing and dispensing custom home exercise routines are a vital component of our successful intervention. This empowers patients to continue self-management of their own musculo-skeletal health and wellness.

Helping companies in the NJ area prevent and reduce musculo-skeletal cumulative trauma disorders for their employees is a unique niche we also serve. Spine & Ortho PT has provided prevention and treatment care to organizations including Ethicon Inc., Ortho Pharmaceuticals, McNeil, Merck, Ciba Geigy, Warner Lambert, Roche Labs and Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Current training with certification scheduled for the summer of 2014 is in the unique technique of intra-muscular manual therapy or “dry needling” with Myopain Seminars. This novel method of care has been shown in scientific studies to produce rapid results for pain reduction and restoration of function when active or latent trigger points are a component of the problem.

Years of success stories from patients is the legacy we are proud of and continues to inspire us to provide excellent care. Our enthusiasm and desire to provide results utilizing evidenced based treatment for our patients continues to grow with our experience. We strive to have a positive impact on every person we are privileged to help. Finding solutions to your musculo-skeletal aches, pains and loss of function is our passion.